GERMANY: Deutscher Jagdverband (DJV)

Deutscher Jagdverband (DJV)(German Hunters’ Federation)Friedrichstraße 185-186 10117 Berlin Germany
+49 30 209 1394 0
+49 30 209 1394 30

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The DJV produce updated factsheets every year; here are the stats for hunting in Germany in 2013. You can view factsheets by clicking on the green links:

> The Number of DJV Members year by year since 1971 as well as the overall number of hunting licence holders and the number of hunting exams taken in 2011/12.

> The Regional Hunting Associations’ (LJV) Membership Numbers as well as the overall number of hunting licence holders per Region.

> Costs of hunting licences

> Overall annual bag data or view the factsheets of bag data for specific species. You can also check out Germany’s page on the Artemis Information Portal for Huntable Species in Europe.

> Game meat imports and Financial value of game meat and general game meat statistics

> Game-related accidents 


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