Hunting is deeply cultural in Europe.

Since its foundation, FACE and its Members have promoted the practice, tradition and heritage of hunting where it has existed for centuries.

As a Federation, our Members undertake to maintain aspects of their national hunting culture together with other rural stakeholders. FACE Members organise national exhibitions, contests and educational events related to their hunting culture. Where regions share similar cultures (Anglo-Saxon, Nordic, Central European & Mediterranean) their Membership to FACE facilitates cooperation in promoting and safeguarding their hunting culture. This is done through various means, but in all cases through drawing on the expertise and knowledge from within our Membership.

In 2012 FACE was formally accredited by the General Assembly of the UNESCO Convention on Intangible Cultural Heritage. The accreditation is given to non-governmental organisations with recognised competence in the field of the intangible cultural heritage to act in an advisory capacity on hunting to the Committee.

More information to follow.