Ultimately FACE aims to facilitate processes to ensure that hunters have information on, and access to, ammunition which is safe to use for the purpose intended, available and affordable.

Lead in ammunition

Over the last few years lead in ammunition has once again become a topical issue.

FACE and its Members remain committed to phasing out the use of lead-shot in wetlands and at our General Assembly of March 2010 we reaffirmed this position.

However concerns over lead in ammunition now encompass a broader range of issues, including potential effects on human health and on wildlife.

These concerns require close attention and in cases where they prove to be significant, they will require that mitigating actions are taken. Lead, like many other substances in daily use, is toxic but the use of lead in ammunition is an extremely complex issue, which requires due attention to establish actual risks and the necessary solutions to minimise them. FACE works closely with its Members in exchanging relevant information on the use of lead in ammunition in order to facilitate a better understanding of this complex issue.

We also work as part of the CIC-coordinated Hunting Ammunition Platform, which includes the ammunition industry, and provides global insight into this issue.

Read our position paper on Lead shot in Wetlands: EN - FR - DE

Read the European Parliament’s Sustainable Hunting Intergroup’s press release on its meeting on lead in ammunition in January 2013.