Safeguarding hunters and wildlife since 1977. 

FACE was established by a few national hunting associations from 9 ‘EEC’ countries who realised the need to open dialogue and represent their shared expertise and interests in the emerging Birds Directive (1979). 

Over the last 36 years, FACE has grown alongside the European Union and today represents all 28 EU Member States, ensuring that the knowledge and experience of European hunters is integrated into the EU decision-making process. 

2002: FACE celebrates 25 years. See the commemorative book

2012: FACE’s 35 Years Celebrations. Read the press release and see the photos.


1977-1979: Earl of MANSFIELD, United Kingdom
1979-1983: Jacques HAMELIN, France
1983-1985: Peter RONHØLT, Denmark
1985-1988: Gerhard FRANK, Germany
1988-1991: Giovanni BANA, Italy
1991-1994: Jan Van Den DRIEST, Netherlands
1994-1997: Pierre DAILLANT, France
1997-2000: Peter MISSELBROOK, United Kingdom
2000-2003: Manuel ANDRADE, Spain
2003-2006: Gilbert de TURCKHEIM, France
2006-2009: Gilbert de TURCKHEIM, France
2009-2012: Gilbert de TURCKHEIM, France
2012-2015: Gilbert de TURCKHEIM, France

2015-present: Dr Michl EBNER, Italy


1977-1979 : Dr.Ir.Wim VERHOEVEN, Netherlands
1979-1983 : Louis PETYT, Belgium
1983-2012 : Dr. Yves LECOCQ, Belgium
2012-2013 : Angus MIDDLETON, United Kingdom
2014-2016 : Filippo SEGATO, Italy
2017 : Ludwig WILLNEGGER, Germany