FACE is the largest democratically representative body for hunters in the world and is probably one of the largest European civil society organisations.

FACE Membership is open to representative national hunters’ associations from all Council of Europe Member States. FACE currently counts Member Associations in 36 countries including the EU-28.

Elections for FACE’s Board and Bureau take place every 3 years at the General Assembly, according to the 1 country = 1 vote system, as in all political FACE decision-making processes. This helps FACE achieve true European unity and solidarity amongst all Members, avoiding the feeling that the interests of some of the larger ones would overrule the smaller.

The Board is the Federation’s management and policy development body.

It is comprised of the President, 11 Vice-Presidents, the Treasurer General and the Secretary General; the latter two, however, without voting rights. The 11 Vice-Presidents ensure a balanced and full representation of regions as well as interests.

See the FACE Statutes: EN - FR - DE

Dr Michl EBner, face president

Dr. Ebner, was elected FACE president during its General Assembly on the 16th of September 2015 in Brussels, delegates of 30 European countries representing seven million hunters elected former Member of the European Parliament and businessman Dr Michl Ebner as their president.

Dr Ebner started his cooperation with FACE in 1999 when he was elected President of the Intergroup Sustainable Hunting, Biodiversity and Countryside of the European Parliament, a post which he held until 2009.

An active hunter since 1970, as well as a member of the arbitral panel of his local hunting association and a member of a German-Austrian Foundation close to hunting, he was the first honorary member of FACE since 2009. Alpine hunting is his great passion.

During his address Dr Ebner stated: “The defence and promotion of hunting in Europe today is exceedingly exercised by actively engaging the Institutions of the European Union in Brussels. The interests and legitimate requests of seven million hunters need to receive the attention that they are owed and the appropriate channels need to be established to let our messages get through. In the same way I see my primary goal in life in bridging cultures and fostering cooperation, I will seek to represent hunting as a vital part of a multi-coloured flowering landscape, composed of different traditions and approaches to environmental conservation, so that Europe does not become the sterile container of ideological notions that deprive citizens from their right to fully and responsibly experience nature”.