26 Sep 2012

Under the initiative of the FACE Member SLRB (Union of Hunters and Anglers of Bulgaria) a symposium on Natura 2000 and Biodiversity was held at their headquarters in Sofia.

18 Sep 2012

Taking place on 17-18 September, this meeting was held under the Cypriot EU Presidency in Paphos, Cyprus was attended by FACE’s Angus Middleton.

15 Sep 2012

The Congress witnessed the launch of the IUCN Sustainable Use and Livelihoods Specialist Group (SULi) which replaces the previous Sustainable Use Specialist Group which was receiving dwindling support.

14 Sep 2012

The IUCN World Conservation Congress (WCC) is the world’s largest and most important conservation event. Held every four years, it aims to improve how we manage our natural environment for human, social and economic development. The Congress also allows for the IUCN elections.

12 Sep 2012

 The French National Hunters’ Association FNC (Fédération Nationale des Chasseurs, FACE Member) received support from the Ministry of Ecology and the Foundation of the House of Hunting and Nature (Maison de la Chasse et de la Nature) to coordinate a mediation and communication project: Medialoup, to address the return of the wolf in France and Europe.

6 Sep 2012

The expectations from the participants of the CGBN were that the European Commission would finally announce their intentions for a legislative instrument on Invasive Alien Species (IAS).  They were to be disappointed though, even indications of whether it would take the form of a Council Directive or Regulation would not be given.

29 Aug 2012

AEWA presents a very good opportunity to develop and promote sensible management plans for wildfowl that are important to hunters throughout Europe.  These include both abundant species and those in a less favourable conservation status. Perhaps most importantly we have an opportunity to develop management plans with other stakeholders that cater to our needs and aspirations.

29 Aug 2012

At its Board meeting on 29 August the Nordic Hunters’ Cooperation (NHC) elected Lauri Kontro from the Finnish Hunters’ Association as its new President. The meeting was held at the newly established national hunting and fishing centre (Jakt- og Fiskesenteret) of the Norwegian hunters in Flå, Norway.

21 Aug 2012

Commission Regulation (EU) No 757/2012 suspending the introduction into the Union of specimens of certain species of wild fauna and flora was published in the Official Journal, L 223/31 of 21 August 2012. It entered into force on the 20th day following this publication and is binding in its entirety and directly applicable in all Member States. This new Import Suspension Regulation repeals the previous one No 828/2011 of 17 August 2011.

16 Aug 2012

FACE’s Secretary General Angus Middleton and Wildlife Policy Manager Cy Griffin will represent European hunters’ interests at the International Union for the Conservation of Nature World Conservation Congress (6-15 September).

They will be supporting the CIC’s global position and in particular following those Motions for Resolution concerned with sustainable use:


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