New President of the Nordic Hunters’ Cooperation

At its Board meeting on 29 August the Nordic Hunters’ Cooperation (NHC) elected Lauri Kontro from the Finnish Hunters’ Association as its new President. The meeting was held at the newly established national hunting and fishing centre (Jakt- og Fiskesenteret) of the Norwegian hunters in Flå, Norway. These impressive state-of-the-art premises in the middle of Nordic nature offer information and education in hunting and sport fishing through indoor as well as outdoor activities.

The FACE President Gilbert de Turckheim and FACE’s Legal Advisor Johan Svalby both attended the meeting, briefing Board members on EU-relevant hunting subjects, answering questions and taking note of the ideas presented. They were shown around the centre and the adjacent bear park, and were offered insights into the Norwegian management of wild reindeer (Rangifer tarandus) during a hunt the following day.

The meeting was an opportunity to meet some of the newly elected representatives from the Nordic FACE Members. In June the Danish Hunters’ Association elected Claus Lind Christensen as their new President and Stig Tjellegaard Møller was appointed new Director. Also the Swedish hunters elected a new President in June, Björn Sprängare. The Secretary General of the Swedish Hunters’ Association since the beginning of this year is Bo Sköld.