FACE and ESFAM to jointly tackle the plenary vote in the European Parliament on the Firearms Directive

Today, at the International Weapons Exhibition (IWA) and Outdoor Classics 2017 trade show in Nuremberg, Germany, FACE and the Association of European Manufacturers of Sporting Firearms (ESFAM) strengthened again their bond and commitment to tackle remaining critical issues of the Firearms Directive ahead of the crucial vote in the European Parliament plenary session mid of March 2017.

Provisions for authorisations, licenses, including renewals and prolongations, and storage of firearms still remain unclear, with a danger of over-regulation leading to poor implementation in the Member States.

Joachim Streitberger, Secretary General of ESFAM, and Ludwig Willnegger, Secretary General of FACE, criticized the foreseeable burdens and obstacles, which manufacturers and hunters will be confronted with, such as distant contracts and the marking of essential firearms components.

In summary, the new Firearms Directive will not address the real risks of illegal firearms reaching terrorists and criminals. Instead, this proposal only risks harming legal manufacturers, brokers and users of firearms, such as hunters and sport shooters.