Cultural Ecosystem Services – Evaluating the positive role of land managers, including hunters

FACE, together with our colleagues in the Natura 2000 Users Forum (Copa-Cogeca - European Farmers/European Agri-Cooperatives, CEPF - the Confederation of European Forest Owners, The European Landowners’ Organisation - the European Federation for Hunting and Conservation, and EAA - European Anglers Alliance) in conjunction with the European Historic Houses Association (EHHA) and CIC have designed a questionnaire on Cultural Ecosystem Services (CES). This is now available in 20 European languages.


Cultural Ecosystem Services are non-material benefits people obtain from ecosystems, such as positive aesthetic or recreation experiences. The survey is targeted at groups, including hunters, who are engaged in the delivery of CES through the way in which they manage privately owned land or other sites. The purpose of the survey is to learn more about the current situation in terms of Cultural Ecosystem Services throughout Europe. 

It is important that hunters engage in this important project. 

Deadline is extended to 31 January 2018. Click the relevant language below (in alphabetical order) to find the questionnaire: 

Bulgarian, Croatian, Czech, Dutch, English,  Estonian,  Finnish,  French,  German,  Hungarian,  Italian, Latvian,  Lithuanian,  Polish,  Portuguese, Romanian, Slovak,  Slovenian,  Spanish, Swedish