Central & Eastern Europe CIC Coordination Forum Meeting

The Czech Hunting and Wildlife Conservation Association hosted the 13th session of the CIC Coordination Forum for Central & Eastern Europe on 26 October in Bunč, Czech Republic. The session’s theme was “Agricultural Policy 2014-2020 vs. Small game and Game management”.

Representatives from 6 countries (Czech Republic, Slovakia, Slovenia, Serbia, Bulgaria and Hungary) reported on the status of small game and agriculture in their countries. FACE was represented by Yasmin Hammerschmidt, providing an outline on the upcoming Common Agricultural Policy (CAP) Reform and its implications for FACE Members. The presentations and discussions resulted in a resolution concerning the CAP Reform 2014.

Formulated by the participants, key points include:

- Integrating ecology into the agrarian landscape is not only a matter for hunters but is in the interest of society at large.

- Conserving and restoring biodiversity through agro-ecological programs should be anchored in legislation.

- Providing adequate subsidies for large agricultural enterprises to use an ecological management system which fits with their market-orientated objective of highest profitability whilst incorporating suitable ecological measures for small game habitats.

- Supporting the research of ecological measures in line with the specific conditions is necessary so as to build evidence-based incentive for legislators and large agricultural businesses to implement such measures.