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4 Mar 2013

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26 Oct 2012

The Czech Hunting and Wildlife Conservation Association hosted the 13th session of the CIC Coordination Forum for Central & Eastern Europe on 26 October in Bunč, Czech Republic. The session’s theme was “Agricultural Policy 2014-2020 vs. Small game and Game management”.

29 Aug 2012

At its Board meeting on 29 August the Nordic Hunters’ Cooperation (NHC) elected Lauri Kontro from the Finnish Hunters’ Association as its new President. The meeting was held at the newly established national hunting and fishing centre (Jakt- og Fiskesenteret) of the Norwegian hunters in Flå, Norway.

1 Aug 2012

FACE staff and Members from Bosnia-Herzegovina, Croatia, Montenegro, Serbia and Slovenia met in Dolenjske Toplice, Slovenia, to discuss emerging issues and how best to ensure closer cooperation. In recent years there have been moves to align national nature and hunting legislation in the region with that of the Council of Europe’s Bern Convention and the EU Birds and Habitats Directives. The future accession of Croatia to the European Union on July 2013, is also of particular prominence.

27 Jul 2012

Since 2010 the Nordic region (Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Finland and Iceland) and FACE MED (Mediterranean countries) have visited each other three times - in Italy, Sweden.

Martin Hoejsgaard of the Nordic Hunters’ Cooperation gives his take on the most recent gathering took place from 22-24 June 2012 in Avignon, France:

9 Jul 2012

The FACE Biodiversity Manifesto aligns itself with the EU Biodiversity Strategy 2020. The 34 action points address a host of EU biodiversity priority areas and promote cooperation with other sectors and stakeholders such as farmers, land and forest owners, conservation NGOs and public authorities.

21 Jan 2012

Hosted by the Cyprus Federation for Hunting & Wildlife Conservation, the first FACE-Mediterranean Meeting of 2012 covered a full agenda including national reports, expert insights from The Cyprus Game Fund, the European Institute for Migratory Birds of the Western Palearctic (OMPO), the European Association of Traditional Hunts (AECT) as well as FACE (Europe).

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