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4 May 2018

In the context of the European Year of Cultural Heritage 2018, FACE organised an exhibition on “Traditional Hunting and Culture in the Mediterranean Region”, hosted by MEP Remo Sernagiotto (ECR Group) in the European Parliament, from 30 April to 3 May.

26 Apr 2017

Secretary General of FACE, Ludwig Willnegger, and  Countryside Alliance’s Head of Political Department, James Legge, make the point at the European Parliament on what Brexit means for European hunters and outline the key issues they are keen to focus on in negotiations.

14 Mar 2017

Today, the European Parliament (EP) in plenary session voted on the revision of the EU Firearms Directive and approved it. All amendments have been rejected.


29 Sep 2016

In addition to the direct economic contribution (16 Billion Euros), hunters’ voluntary work to protect and manage species and habitats also contributes to the development of Europe’s rural areas by providing employment, increasing the social fabric of rural communities, and transmitting cultural identity and traditions.

17 Apr 2014

The vote of the Parliament proved an amendment aimed at prohibiting the use of live decoy birds for hunting purposes to be unjustified and unsubstantiated owing to anti-hunting sentiments rather than to the interest of animal health.


17 Dec 2013

Discussions and debates are currently taking place regarding the introduction of the ‘non-intervention management’ concept in the Natura 2000 context.

FACE is concerned about the implementation and consequences of such a notion which excludes the majority of management activities from the areas and seems contradictory to the ethos of the Nature Directives. 

19 Jun 2013

In connection with the meeting of the European Parliament’s Intergroup on Climate Change, Biodiversity and Sustainable Development on 19 June 2013,  “The results of CITES CoP16 and the European Parliament’s views”, FACE took the opportunity to share with Members of the House, the European Commission and the CITES Secretariat our thougts on how we believe ambitious conservation goals can be most effectively met in the framework of CITES in the run up to CoP17 scheduled to convene in 2016 i

5 Jul 2012

The Sustainable Hunting Parliamentary Intergroup organised a meeting at the European Parliament in Strasbourg on the “demographic explosion” of wild boar populations in Europe on 4 July. Delphine Dupeux from the European Landowners’ Organization (ELO) presented a compilation report on the situation in a number of countries on the likely causes of these population increases and on the possible measures to neutralise or at least mitigate their effects and impacts.

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