Groups & Meetings

The FACE Members meet regularly, through regional gatherings as well as at the annual Spring FACE Members’ Meeting and Autumn General Assembly. The Board and Bureau meet even more frequently.

These meetings centre around a fully-packed agenda where Members discuss and agree on actions to be taken regarding the different topics to be addressed – the principles of subsidiarity and solidarity are always present.

FACE is an evidence-based organisation.

Technical expertise and the insights they give both hunters and policy makers are at the core of our work. We are constantly working to improve it, amongst ourselves and with our partners.

FACE participates in many technical groups, whether with partners, EU decision-makers or within its own Membership. FACE’s own Technical Groups are either thematic, focusing on a specific policy dossier or cross-cutting and addressing a range of issues:


WORKING Group Legal Affairs - WG LEG

This working group is made up of legal professionals who, as focal points in each Member State, have an active interest in both the environment and hunting. Meeting regularly, these experts analyse and explain European legal judgments and rulings and their implications for hunting, anticipating and reflecting on issues of public interest.

WORKING Group Communications - WG COM

This working group consists of communication professionals from FACE’s Member Associations who gather to exchange information on trends and best practices in the fields of communications and public relations. TG COM explores the potential for collaborative campaigns and unified messages.


Agri Expert Group

The FACE AGRI expert group meets annually to make formal decisions with regular updates between the experts on a monthly basis. To prepare for the Commission proposals on the future of the Common Agricultural Policy after 2013, the experts elaborated a position paper for all FACE Members. This provided the basis for representing hunters’ interests in the CAP towards the EU Institutions and through the FACE Members towards national authorities. Thanks to the sound expertise of former German Agriculture Minister and German Hunters’ Association DJV-President, Jochen Borchert, the chairman of the FACE AGRI expert group, as well as the indispensable expertise of France’s National Federation of Hunters, (FNC, Fédération Nationale des Chasseurs) – meaningful discussions and input for all hunting organisations could be established. Read more about our work on Agriculture.