The Council of the EU

Acts which are directly relevant to the lives of EU citizens and have a considerable international impact are adopted by the Council, usually in conjunction with the European Parliament.

The Council is the EU Institution where the Member States’ government representatives sit, i.e. the ministers of each Member State with responsibility for a given area. FACE is keen to improve its existing contacts with the Permanent Representations, the Secretariat of the Council and the political decision makers to ensure this body is well informed regarding hunting interests.

EU Presidencies

The Presidency of the Council plays a vital part in the organization of the work of the institution, notably as the driving force in the legislative and political decision-making process. It has to organize and chair all meetings and work out compromises capable of resolving difficulties. The Council is presided over for a period of six months by each  Member  State in turn, in accordance with a pre-established rota: 

Latvia: January-June 2015
Luxembourg: July-December 2015
Netherlands: January-June 2016
Slovakia: July-December 2016
Malta: January-June 2017
United Kingdom: July-December 2017
Estonia: January-June 2018
Bulgaria: July-December 2018
Austria: January-June 2019
Romania: July-December 2019
Finland: January-June 2020