FACE & the EU

FACE builds the bridge between European legislative bodies and the representatives of civil society who stand for sustainable hunting and conservation in Europe, working towards our aim: to sustain hunting across Europe.

FACE regularly holds events in the European Parliament, provides opportunities for hunters and EU policy makers to meet directly, participates in various official expert and advisory groups within the European Commission where EU policy proposals originate and their implementation brought forward. This wide variety of activity is representative of the importance and breadth of the EU’s influence. The FACE Secretariat responds to this by ensuring an integrated approach, working closely with the FACE Members to make sure the right information is reaching the right decision makers at the right time - all for the future of hunting.

FACE & the EU Transparency Register

FACE is fully signed up to the EU Transparency Register (Reg No 75899541198-85) which has been set up and is operated by the European Parliament and the European Commission. FACE operates by the Code of Conduct in all our relations with the EU Institutions and their Members, officials and other staff.

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